Blueprint for scaling your website as your needs change

Start small, Think BIG

Start small think big website design.  Just one of philosophies at SNIC Design Websites. WordPress, SEO, personalized training, highly functional, responsive websites.

A solid website framework is key to minimizing costs at start-up and frustrations down the road.

That’s why we build on WordPress technology using a design outfitted with everything you need now and in the future.  You may not use it all now but the hooks are there to allow you to build on it if you like, without major re-design or programming costs.

Sometimes, you may not understand exactly what you need – that’s where we come in – we consult with you, asking the right questions the first time so you get what you need, when you need it.

We RECOMMEND starting with a simple but stylish graphic design, allowing your service(s)/product(s) to be the star of the show and to focus on functionality, search engine Optimization (SEO) and ease of use for your customer.  

This approach will definitely reduce costs as graphic design can be time consuming. Some folks like to begin with the standard WordPress website package from SNIC and “add-on” their own branding, like a custom logo, header and background design.

If you “Start small, Think BIG”  you will have a solid web presence and keep your cost-to-build low.