Website Packages

We offer 3 website packages to meet your needs – 1) The Best Package -  $995, 2) The Professional Basic Package – $500 and 3) a Custom Package. They are search engine friendly, uniquely designed, functional, responsive, flexible, easy-to-edit and affordable. Our customers include artists and small business owners.

Websites can be very affordable, and like many things today, the marketing hype causes confusion.  My advice for artists and small business owners is to “Start Small, Think BIG”.

When SNIC is finished with the design template for your site, you own it. This means if ever you want to re-design your website you can on your own terms. If you want to change hosting providers (perhaps due to unsatisfactory customer service) you can do that too. It’s not to your advantage to have your design and hosting provider locked together in a monthly recurring contract.

If you are serious about getting your website up, and building it yourself, secure your own domain name and purchase web hosting from a reliable and customer service friendly provider. Many web hosting providers will host your site for $10 or less per month.  Including your private domain name,  it might cost $100-120 year to own a custom website with much room for growth! That’s a far cry from $40-75 per month for some bundled template hosting providers. And what’s more,  you still need to figure out how to set it up yourself. They will help you customize it – for a fee. You won’t own the design, and chances are, it’s being used by hundreds of others too.

At this point, you can either hire me to design and implement your site from beginning to end or you can do it yourself.  Finding a theme that is responsive, secure, flexible and well supported can be a bit of a challenge. Make sure you understand all of your requirements and cross-check your list against the theme’s capabilities before diving in. So whether you go with SNIC or the DIY route, with WordPress running on your own hosted web server you will have the ability to change your site, expand upon it, and re-design it at any time, on your own terms, on your own schedule, because the design template and the hosting provider will not be interdependent.

~ Kathy Maniscalco, Owner, SNIC Design Websites

1) Super Flexible, “Best” Package: $995

  • Setup of technical behind the scenes stuff like the hosting provider, domain name, WordPress operational configurations
  • Custom header/background graphics template, 2 designs to choose from
  • You will own the WordPress theme/template
  • Gallery page (with up to 5 sub-galleries, using your images)
  • Home, Contact and 3 other text pages using your copy
  • Blog, if desired
  • You add as many pages,images, and blog posts you like in the future
  • SEO optimization included
  • 1 horizontal navigation bar/menu with drop-down sub-items
  • 1 footer menu, links only
  • Personalized one-on-one training, two 45 minute sessions
  • Use your logo Google fonts in header
  • Flexible width sidebar(s), flexible page/column layouts, boxed or full width, customizable fonts & Google fonts, widgets
  • Social media integration
  • Site statistics
  • Basic Subscription to Email News from your blog posts
  • Responsive design
  • Design will be color optimized
  • Site submission to popular search engines
  • * e-Commerce ready
  • * 1 home page slideshow ready
  • * Custom Email news and subscribe list

2) Basic Professional Package: $500

  • Setup of hosting provider, domain name, WordPress installation
  • Home, Contact and About (3 pages) with your photo
  • You choose your theme/graphic design (we will provide recommendations)
  • Your name or logo
  • Blog, if desired
  • 1 horizontal navigation bar/menu
  • Gallery page (Using your images, we will upload the gallery images. Up to 18 images). You can add as many galleries and images afterwards.
  • SEO optimization included
  • Responsive design
  • Free 45 minutes WordPress training included!

3) Custom, Design your Own Package:

* We will give a you a quote. A Statement of Work is provided for a charge of $50 before the work begins. The $50 is non-refundable but will be applied towards work performed by SNIC Design Websites.









*Additional charge for customization, see  “Add-On Services”